In-N-Out Burger

In-N-Out burger  (wiki, website) is a family owned burger chain found in the west of the US.

The standard menu is simple. Hamburger, Cheeseburger, and Double-Double (double cheeseburger). The only side is fries, and they have the usual soft drinks.

However they also have a secret (not very secret…) menu, some of which is on their website, and some more is listed on Wikipedia and other websites.

I have been working my way through their menu. The food, in chronological order, is detailed below:

First Visit – Double-Double, Fries and a drink

The standard menu to start. A very good double cheeseburger, ok fries, and a drink.

Double-Double with fries


Second Visit – 4×4, Fries ‘well’, and a drink

Time to increase the burger size, with the well-filled 4×4.  This has 4 burgers and 4 slices of cheese. I also selected grilled onions which I prefer to raw. It was a bit trickier to eat, but really tasty.

Fries well were ok. Crispier, but I think they lost a bit of flavour. Standard fries are preferable.

4 x 4


Third visit – 3 x 3 Animal style, fries and a drink

Time for ‘Animal Style’. The burgers are fried with mustard, grilled onions come as standard, and it has extra relish.

This was messy to eat, but really tasty. I chose 3 x 3 as a convenient size. Not too big, not too small.

Animal Style


Fourth visit – 3 x 3 Protein Style and Animal fries

Protein style has no burger buns, it comes wrapped in lettuce. This was a winning combination, and I really enjoyed the burger.

The Animal style fries are grilled with cheese on top, then have fried onions and relish added. More than double the cost of normal fries, but it was interesting to try and quite tasty. This meal was also the first time I was given a disposable fork. I didn’t use it…

3 x 3 Protein Style and Animal fries


Bite taken - very tasty


Fifth visit – ‘Flying Dutchman’ and Animal fries

Animal fries are clearly the food of champions, but the ‘Flying Dutchman’ is the last particularly unusual burger product for me to eat. The Flying Dutchman is 2 burgers with 2 slices of cheese between them. Nothing else.

Like the protein style, this was very tasty. A cheeseburger reduced to its purest form. No cheese, no salad, no relish, just the burgers and cheese. It wasn’t that messy to eat either, the cheese wasn’t too soft so it was finger food. Another fine meal 🙂

Flying Dutchman and Animal Fries


The Flying Dutchman - A fine burger


Sixth visit – 4×4 with Chillis, Cheese fries and a chocolate/vanilla shake

I am running out of novel burger types, but I hadn’t tried the chillis, nor fries with cheese. The mixed chocolate / vanilla shake is also not on the menu.

The chillis in the 4×4 were just about detectable. Not very spicy at all. The cheese fries cost nearly as much as animal fries, but animal fries have the bonus of grilled onions and burger relish.

Overall, chillis are good, and in future I would probably choose animal fries over plain cheese fries, but some people might like the plain option.

4x4 with chillis, cheese fries
Chocolate / vanilla shake