Front splitter scraping

On 22/01/2012, we (it was my fault…) have added a new scrape to the underside of the front splitter. This is not visible unless you are underneath the car, but needs to be patched-up. It doesn’t need to be a pretty fix, it is clear that it has been fixed before, but I would like the underside sealed. The details of what happened are here

Underside of front splitter

I spoke to Adrian at the TVR Power Bodyshop in Stourbridge (Central TVR). He was very helpful and suggested that if I dropped in they patch it up while I waited for £5.

Part 1 of fix was TrackVRoad raising the front 20 mm where it had settled. Also see this page on suspension.

After visiting TrackVRoad, I went to Stourbridge. Important Note – make sure you approach their industrial unit from the back road, not directly from the main road. While the main road route is obvious, the road is shocking and I had to pick my way through massive water-filled potholes very slowly. The other approach is fine.

Adrian wasn’t other, but the 2 chaps working had been told I was coming. They quickly got the car raised and took a look. They could see that ther splitter had been fixed before, and suggested that at some time a proper fix to make it as good as new could be done, but given it is functionally fine and the only effects are minor cosmetic, I was happy to get it patched at this time.

They cleaned and dried the front of the car, applied plenty of masking, and sprayed the damaged section to cover the white fibreglass.

This was all done for free, for which I am very appreciative :o)



Masked and spraying
Not beautiful, but it will do for now