Heater settings

Following the advice at this link, I went into the Menu 8 in the setup screen to adjust the fan settings.

The fan setting was zero, and when the temperature was set to fully cold, air was blown out of the top and front vents on the dash – it should only be blowing out of the front.

I adjusted it to 16, which is apparently the factory default. On this setting, when temperature was set to fully cold, air was blown out of the vents only. When set to warm, air came out of the front and top vents.

This was all done with the engine off and car in the garage. Tests when driving should show whether it has worked fully, but based on the limited testing, it appears to have done the trick.


While doing this, I adjusted the beeper volumes down slightly, set the shift lights to 5500, 6000 and 6500 rpm, and also found a menu called “Recall”, and it showed some old information, some of which is a bit dubious, but I will repeat here. After noting down the settings, I reset both screens, so we can see what my driving does…

Function                        Max    Min

Water Temp (C)           115     -01

Oil Temp (C)                 102    -01

Oil Pressure (psi)          81      0

Battery Voltage (V)       13.8     7.9

Air Temp (C)                  44          -01

Max Speed (mph)          226 mph

Max Revs                        7650