Where next?

UPDATE – The Saab has been sold. The new owner is a car enthusiast, and will be able to maintain it to a high standard.

The saving of money for a different car to be purchased potentially in late 2011 commences.

As I am getting married and have some travel plans, so any trackdays are pretty much ruled out for the next couple of years.

Both my fiance and I walk to work, so we don’t need 2 cars. When we do need a car, her Mk3 Mondeo TDCi gets used. It’s as big as the Saab, not quite as comfy, but I did manage to get 75.4 mpg out of it over a 100 mile drive. Would have got about 40 mpg from the Saab for the same drive.

As I was not using it on the track, and I am not using to get about, then what was I using it for? The car was kept under dush sheets in my garage, and taken out for a good drive every few weeks to keep it happy, putting it on a battery charger in-between.

Even if I do take it to tracks again in future, I don’t think it was the right car for me. I think I have taken it as far as I want to go with modifications. If someone else wants to take the next step with maybe a new suspension set-up, bigger brakes (and wheels), and then (not first) a bigger intercooler, turbo etc. then that is good, or just to keep it in good running order and use it more regulraly. I think my next challenge would be something fast and RWD, which is where an E46 M3 comes in.

I would never have sold the car to be broken for parts – it is in such good conditions and well cared for that it would be cruel. I am glad it has gone to to an owner who is enthusiastic about cars as well as knowledgeable.

The interior is so nice and in such good condition that it couldn’t be stripped and used as a track toy.

I have only parted with the car as the buyer seemed like the right person to sell to, and plans in keeping what it is, a fine example of a 9000 Aero.