In my folder of documentation, where there is a good level of detail, with every MOT from new, but some gaps when the car was without an MOT.

Using the DVLAs MOT checker, I can find out a bit more information. The vehicle is on its 4th registration. It started with an 02 plate, then had a private registration, another private registration for the owner before me, and now my registration.

  • Most recent MOT (13,474 miles) was provided before sale (Oct 2011), and there were no advisories
  • July 2011 (13,362 miles), with an advisory for the front tyres being worn close to the legal limit. I need to check the tread depths as they looked ok to me
  • May 2010 (12,364 miles), with no advisory
  • June 2009 (11,441 miles), with no advisory
  • June 2008 (9300 miles) with no advisory
  • Some of 2007 / 2008 – Seems to have been off the road, no MOT history
  • October 2006 (8334 miles) with no advisory
  • August 2005 – October 2006 – Seems to have been off the road, no MOT history

The Type approval certificate for the vehicle is August 2002 (and the vehicle was registered / sold a week later) – If this is the date of it coming onto the road, then I would expect a 2005 MOT, but there does not seem to be one. Perhaps it was off the road for a while.